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Psychological Counselling

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Deep Victory: Helping people reach their goals, the other side of self-doubt, confusion, & anxiety.

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Psychological counselling with a native English speaking psychologist

Deep Victory is a counselling service aimed at capable and creative migrants, who nonetheless still struggle with their own internal set-backs. It is offered by the accredited Australian psychologist and educator Anton deVries.

Sessions are available online, or in-person in Hamburg, Germany.

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Why Psychological Counselling

Feelings of overwhelm,
constant worry,
persistent self-doubt—
— there was a time when this was not so.
This was something you took onboard at some stage. It is something you can unload again.

Positive life change is always possible.
If that change is not readily forthcoming—if you’re stuck—assistance from a professional may help.

Psychological counselling builds on the traditional ‘talking therapy’ by making the client an active participant in the process. As per the ‘bio-psycho-social’ model, it is not just the thoughts and feels that are relevant, but also the social context and the neurology, and how these all interact.

As someone who grew up, lived and worked in several different countries, I offer a counsel that is not dependent on a specific culture. Drawing out under-utilised inner strengths, and applying them to your real world circumstances, clients gain self-mastery and traction toward actually achieving their goals.

As a person I am naturally calm, soft-spoken, yet very inquisitive. I extend this gentle understanding toward my clients, that they may let themselves unfold and re-centre.

To find out more about what is involved in personal counselling:

Mental health workshop on psychological acceptance
Mental health workshop on psychological acceptance, May 2024


Comments published with altered names, with permission from previous clients.

The skills learnt and the insights that are realised are intended to benefit you through your entire lifetime.

tame frantic, unhelpful thoughts; control powerful, intrusive emotions
reduce friction and conflict in relations—personal and professional
find clarity in what matters to you
reprogram unwanted habits and thoughts, such as self-doubt, lingering grief, or addiction
be more of yourself, empowered

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