the deep valley of self-doubt, confusion, & fear

Deep Victory—Psychological Counselling

Helping people reach their goals, the other side of self-doubt, confusion, & anxiety.

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Modern life can be messy.
Sometimes we get stuck.
Sometimes we even sabotage our own success.

That feeling you have of constant worry, of persistent self-doubt—that was not always there.
It was something you learnt at one stage. It is something you can un-learn.

Whether the goal is to launch a new international product,
or simply just to get the laundry done today,
too many painful experiences of failing to getting it done indicates an entrenched problem in our psychology.

What if there were a way to systematically unravel the problem, and reveal it for what it is?
How would life be different, if the next thing you decide to do, you did with complete certainty, for joy of the task itself, unstoppably you?

The Way Forward

Positive life change is always possible.
If that change is not readily forthcoming—if you’re stuck—assistance from a professional may help.

Deep Victory is a counselling service aimed at capable, creative and intelligent people who nonetheless still struggle with their own internal set-backs. It is offered by the accredited Australian psychologist and educator Anton deVries, now based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Traditional “talk therapy” is brought to life with creative expression and active involvement in your own re-invention, and is delivered in a warm and meaningful personalised session.
Counselling follows scientifically-tested models of human behaviour, yet integrates a wide range principles and process, also from beyond the field of psychology. A wealth of world cultural experiences and philosophies can help you find meaning in a barren modern Western society.

The Deep Victory process draws out under-utilised inner strengths, and applies them to your real world circumstances. Through the process, clients gain self-mastery and traction toward actually achieving their goals.

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Comments from previous clients. Names changed to protect privacy

Results begin from the very first full session, and counselling techniques are intended to benefit you through your entire lifetime.

Clients commonly report positive ‘side-effects’, including increased clarity and motivation, less conflict with loved ones, and renewed enjoyment in work and hobbies

break cycles of unwanted habits and thoughts, such as self-doubt, or lingering grief
step with courage into new phases of life
find energy and motivation for the things that matter
express yourself effectively, connecting with those around you
get life in balance
be more of yourself, empowered

By helping people tame their frantic, unhelpful thoughts, clients free themselves to pursue what they really want and truly value in life.

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