Your individual sessions are a special encounter, in which true safety is found for a moment. Safe from judgements, from societal pressures, from the emotional rollercoaster. From there, we focus on honesty with ourselves.

Sessions follow a 50 minute standard, unless otherwise arranged.

You don’t need to prepare anything for you sessions, because it’s not a performance. It’s a discussion about the real you.

Later sessions may include simple ‘homework’ exercises to be completed by the following session. These are designed to continue the counselling process even after the face-to-face part has ended, and as a way of embedding the benefits into your everyday lifestyle. Sustainable counselling means improvements keep going after we close the session.

For online sessions you will need:

  1. a strong & reliable internet connection,
  2. a device with camera and microphone (most smart phones work fine, or a computer), and
  3. a private place where you can talk alone and uninterrupted for the schedule time. This is crucial for creating the safe space.

I offer a free 20 minute session with no obligation or expectations.
This first session is informational, to make sure the counselling is something of value to you.

Let’s begin

To make an inquiry, or to request your free first session, head over to the Contact page