Anxiety Overload

We all know anxiety. If not you, then someone close to you struggles with it.

In fact, the Lancet’s study of 204 countries found that worldwide about 1 in 20 people suffer anxiety serious enough to debilitate [1] — 25% more than before SARS-CoV-2 (“COVID”) [2]

Anxiety Overwhelm
Anxiety can appear in different ways.
It can effect our body– fast heartbeat
– shallow breathing
– digestion problems
– hot flushes or rashes around the neck
If can make us do things unconsciously– grinding teeth
– biting nails
– picking at skin
– tense muscles and back pain
It can feel scary or draining– constant irritability
– imagining the worst will happen
– shame in having to hide yourself away
– disturbed sleep
It makes us miss out on life– avoiding seeing friends
– losing out on job offers
– not enjoying everyday activities in public

Always, anxiety takes its toll on us—mentally and physically, leaving us with less of a good life to live.

I won’t end anxiety for you, I promise

Who was the last person you met who didn’t worry about anything?

Maybe you can’t think of anyone like this, maybe you’re surrounded by anxiety. If you could think of someone who actually seemed totally carefree, well I’m here to tell you that in fact they do worry from time to time.

Because worrying is part of being human.

But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

There are many possible reasons we might worry, stress, and get exhausted with anxiety. Different people have different reasons, even if the pain and exhaustion feels similar.

And the reasons change—old ones end, new ones come in. So following any rigid scripts to “fix” it will fail, and making any promise like “100% worry-free in 12 weeks” is foolish.

Handling anxiety and stress

relief from anxiety

What I offer you is a life where it isn’t the main actor.

With a mix of cognitive tools from psychology, techniques of emotional mastery, and gentle exercises to strengthen the inner self, you can get on top of this.

Techniques are effortlessly adapted to your needs in the moment. I add perspectives from ancient sages and diverse cultures to the modern scientific techniques, to nurture sustainable changes in your mind, so your life begins to take on a different quality.

Then maybe, eventually, you will be that rare person that others see as calm, joyous, and carefree.

No wait lists, and no hype, no judging, no bureaucracy. Just humanistic & accessible counsel.

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[1] 2021. Lancet

[2] 2019. WHO