About Deep Victory

I’m Anton. As an Australian, I’m relaxed enough to work on a first-name basis.

I’m a qualified psychologist and experienced inter-cultural educator, now based in Hamburg, Germany. I love music, biscuits, and disappearing in deepest nature for as long as I can.

I founded Deep Victory in 2019 in the middle of Melbourne’s intense Corona lock-down—as a way to continue offering therapy and support online, and to cut through the many systemic problems already embedded in mainstream mental health.

Working in private practice clinics, dictated by insurance policies, I witnessed too much unnecessary suffering. Decent human beings were treated like a commodity: stuck behind months (years?) of paperwork delays, then hurried through tick-box sessions, then private records carelessly sent to insurance and employers.

Yet the alternatives I found were no better: over-priced and dangerously under-educated pop-up ventures, selling either “magic”, or low quality copy-&-paste scripted gimmicks.

I wanted to cut through slimy irresponsible sales, and the de-humanising bureaucratic red-tape.
(And, I wanted an occasional guilt-free afternoon nap)

The result of this is the Deep Victory counselling service seen here—a small and dynamic service built on life experience and clinical competence, but implemented as a human. My work is a mix of one-to-one personal counselling sessions, occasional in-depth group sessions, and youth education.

Deep Victory holds itself to three core principles:

HUMAN — recognising uniqueness, inter-connectedness, & the power of warmth
ACCESSIBLE — streamlined intake, free of traditional stigma & bureaucracy & hidden expenses
INTEGRATIVE — non-dogmatic, merging new science with old wisdom, continually refining

In a career spanning more than 20 years and three continents, I’ve helped hundreds of people to overcome their clinical problems and internal challenges, giving them the well-needed gift of peace and inner strength in their lives.

I hope you find the way to your own profound personal triumph.

Peace and strength to you all.

Anton deVries

(M.Sc., B.Sc.Hons., Grad.Dip.Soc.Sc., B.Sc.)